We believe business has a responsibility beyond its basic responsibility to its shareholders; a responsibility to a broader constituency that includes its key stakeholders: customers, employee, NGOs, government and most importantly the people of the communities in which it operates. Our CSR initiatives draw their inspiration from this belief.

We have policies and practices that address a slew of activities be it Social or Environmental responsibilities.


For us COMPLIANCE is not an act,
it’s a habit

Meenakshi India Limited has always been a leader in terms of social compliances and has been investing in sustainable ways of conducting business long before it was mandated by laws and buyer regulations. Today it is proud to be compliant by industry standards set by a number of world renowned initiatives like BSCI, Elevate, WCA and WRAP.

The Business Social Compliance Initiative is a leading business-driven initiative for companies committed to improving working conditions in the global supply chain. BSCI unites more than 900 companies around a development-oriented system applicable to all sectors and sourcing countries. Meenakshi India Limited is proud to be a part of this.

The Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA) program has provided us with a powerful, cost-effective solution that has improved workplace conditions efficiently and helped us stay in accordance with widely accepted industry standards and best practices.

Elevate is the leading business risk and sustainability solutions provider. Their certification has helped us deliver improved organizational performance through sustainability and supply chain assessment. The economic model that was collectively arrived at has activated business and other stakeholders to improve people’s lives in and around our facilities.

Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP), formerly Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production, is a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) organization dedicated to promoting safe, lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing around the world through certification and education.

employee wElfare & safety

We take care of our employees,
so they can take care of our clients

MIL group as a whole believes in an ‘Employee first’ policy.
We know over these 3 decades of our existence that employees who believe in its management as being concerned about them at a human level are more productive, more satisfied and more fulfilled. We know satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which ultimately leads to profitability of the company they work for. We invest and engage with our employees in a number of ways.

Risk Assessment Training

We regularly organise Risk Assessment Training for employees which include
training for risk related to machinery, chemical, fire, natural disasters, tool process, etc.


Employee safety and welfare is of utmost importance at MIL Group. First Aid Training camps and Emergency Evacuation Drills are regularly held.

Enforcement of safety rules and regulations reduces accidents and product damage. To avoid fires and employee injuries, our staff and visitors to the factories must pass through a security check at the entrance. Our security staff regularly patrols hazardous material areas for unsafe conditions. Access control of the main and employee entrances, and the shipping and receiving areas, helps reduce the chances of unauthorized access and theft.


We conduct annual audits to maintain optimum efficiencies at our business units and factories. These are done to check if our employees have fulfilled the requirements towards their performance areas. MIL has strict policies for anti-bribery, anti-corruption, trauma and serious illness, prevention and remediation of child labour and detailed emergency action plans.

Fair remuneration

Our Factory management complies with Tailoring industry minimum wages. We provide Employee state Insurance & Employee Provident Fund to all eligible workers besides providing attendance bonus for those who were present for the whole month without any absence.

Employee recreation

We believe that a workplace should be a mix of work, play and recreation. Employees at the factories have access to badminton and volley ball courts. Badminton championships, cultural programmes and various festival celebrations are regularly organised at the factories

In addition, annual retreats are organised for employees’ relaxation and are coupled with fun team building training.

Social welfare initiatives

We believe that happy people lead happier lives leading to improved productivity and overall efficiency in our workplaces. Since marriage is a major expense for our workers, we have embraced a programme where the young female workers of marriageable age, are provided with a trousseau with essential items such as utensils, clothing, jewellery etc required for the wedding.


So that no child is
deprived of opportunity
for lack of resources

Goenka Institute of Education & Research (GIER), Lachhmangarh, is a prestigious educational institution providing quality education from Nursery classes to Degree level courses in Arts, Science, Pharmacy & Management. GIER is an initiative of the S.S. Goenka led business group of Chennai. Lachhmangarh in Rajasthan is the native place of Goenka family for over 100 years. MIL group ensures that the subsidiaries of GIER offer subsidised fee options to all so that no child is left behind when it comes to quality education because of lack of resources.

Read more about our school at http://www.goenka.ac.in/

Employee education welfare

In addition, every year the children of MIL employees are rewarded with cash scholarships if they score well in 10th and 12th grade final examinations.


Driven by compassion
and a passion for healing

MIL group has always been proactive in donating towards medical research. The founders of the company firmly believe that no being should be denied access to treatment due to lack of financial resources. MIL group has hence made donations of around US $150,000 till date towards various medical research, cancer being one of the most prominent area of this research.

Medical insurance for all

We strongly believe in the power of human resources and make sure all our employees are well taken care of, physically and mentally. Medical Camps are regularly conducted in smaller villages near our facility and medical insurance is provided at a subsidized premium to every employee that works with us.

environmental sustainability

protecting the earth
and its resources

Mil group is committed to investing in some of the world’s most urgent environmental issues by focusing on areas where it impacts the environment most. In our push towards sustainable manufacturing, we make every effort our plants run on Green Energy.

Cutting our carbon emissions

In order to to reduce our operational energy dependencies, Meenakshi India Limited uses self generated renewable energy derived from its own wind mills and solar panels located in and around its premises. We stand committed to Green technology in our endeavour to solve global environmental issues.

Conserving water by recycling

We understand the importance of water to our business. Our future depends on it. We ensure most of the water we use is recycled back into our facilities and used for gardening, flushing and cleaning. We have invested in an effluent treatment plant and a sewage treatment plant that helps us achieve this goal.

Going green

We strive to make our globe greener and work towards it by planting 5000 saplings every year in the regions where our group operates.

Because every drop of water counts

Tamil Nadu, the state where our factories are located, was the first state to make rainwater harvesting compulsory to avoid groundwater depletion. We implemented the scheme back in 2002. Since its implementation, the water requirements at our facilities are met significantly through this method.

Helping communities

In water-scarce villages around our factories, where residents are forced to walk upto 15 kms daily to fetch a pot of water, the Mil group arranges for water tanks and in some cases even digging up of bore wells to alleviate their misery.

our clients